Sunday, February 19, 2012

Heating Things Up.....

Jessa Callaver gives great dirty, guaranteed to get you... up and attentive. But she also has a talent that transcends great smut. Her writing is expressive and vivid, the voices of her characters authentic and vibrant.

She seems particularly adept at "getting into the heads" of her characters, evoking very real, likeable and interesting protagonists. Her humor is also subtle and fresh, and her pacing and narrative style compelling.

All good reasons to buy and read her work, but I'd like to see her take a stab at television and screenplay writing, because she seems a natural - this is, I was quite surprised to learn, her first attempt at erotic fiction. It's an impressive debut indeed.

The polish is slightly tarnished by occasionally tangled syntax and punctuation issues which need to be addressed before her work's ready for "prime time", but it's very cleverly written. With the assistance of a sharp editor, Ms. Callaver will unquestionably become a formidable wordslinger.

Bravo, Ms. Callaver, you're one of the rare breed of self-published authors with natural talent. With a dash of luck and a savvy publicist, you will quickly and deservedly hit the big time, I'm certain.
Family Care
by ebook95 pages
April 20th 2011 

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