Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Thriller With Lasting Power

Okay, I admit to having rather juvenile tastes in entertainment, but I'm hardly in the minority there. Women may love the inexplicable "pleasure" of the oxymoronic "good cry", but I'm more partial to adrenaline jolts. Any movie worth its salt had better contain a liberal dose of adrenaline-jolt-inducing explosions, aliens, sword fights, chases, zombies or ghosts, preferably all of the above.

One movie stands out in particular by delivering both sobs and shocks. In fact, this is, bar none, the best supernatural tale ever committed to film. The writing, acting, photography, pacing, score, directing, backgrounds, etc. are all superb, and it stands out for providing equal parts pathos and horror. Watch it, and you will never, ever forget it. This movie single-handedly raises the standard of modern Korean thrillers to international greatness. I can't recommend it enough.

Anyway, have a watch:

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