Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Path: The Science of Self Help

Tokyo, April 10, 2012 -- Tokyo science writer and UNC journalism Chancellor's Scholar Eric A. Smith has recently published The Path, Book I and II, which explore applications of cutting-edge neuroscience, anthropology, nutrition and exercise physiology.

Subtitled The Science of Self-Help, Smith contends these are the most powerful books on the subject
ever published: It's bringing Anthony Robbins and Dale Carnegie into the 21st century - applying the latest cutting-edge science to self-help. The Path teaches the basics of science to the complete novice, then builds upon this foundation to provide a comprehensive survey of the modern state of neuroscience, genetics and applied psychology. It then shows how to directly apply this knowledge for profound, lasting changes in life.

Smith was a science reporter and photographer for The Beacon in Research Triangle Park, before moving to Canada and opening his rst company. A UNC Chancellor's Scholar and multiple Dean's List honoree in journalism, he also holds A+, Network+ and Microsoft PC engineering certi cations, national certi cation in Japanese and recently established the design company Polyglot Studios, KK.

Title: The Path Book I: Spirit and Mind
The Path Book II: Mind and Body
Category: Psychology/self-improvement
Author: Eric A. Smith
Publisher: Polyglot Studios, KK
Number of Illustrations: 147/107
Pages: 560/540
Prices: B&W paperback-$24.95
color PDF-$14.95, Kindle-$6.95
Binding: perfect
ISBN: 978-0-9834434-0-7
ISBN: 978-0-9834434-1-4

Available through author’s website:
or through and Barnes & Noble

  • hysterical strength - how a moment of panic makes you superhuman - and how to tap that power
  • USDA discoveries about powerful anticancer and Alzheimer's reversing superfoods
  • addiction - where it comes from, how it hooks you, and how to beat it
  • timing your exercise and nutrition for peak fitness
  • cutting-edge findings on sleep and its effects
  • how to build a memory so powerful you can memorize a bilingual dictionary word-for-word
  • what Harvard and MIT say about boosting your IQ
  • incredible cutting-edge longevity science that's going to allow you to live well past the century mark
  • the secret physiology that gives Shaolin Monks hands as strong as iron
  • the hows and whys of sex, love and beauty
  • powerful secrets of influence and personal magnetism
  • the deadly enemy within you - and how to fight back
  • The 21st-century super mind-training regimen of the US Marine Corps
  • The key to beating addictions and overcoming bad habits
  • The scientifically-proven best exercises for core strength and posture
  • How the most beautiful woman in the world went from ignominy to the pinnacle of success
  • Hidden household poisons and dangers and how to eliminate them
  • The right and wrong ways to diet
  • The brain's inner mechanisms for motivation and how to program them for your success.
  • Mapping out a path to your ultimate destiny
  • Universal truths where modern physics and ancient wisdom converge
  • The advantages and methods of finding a mentor
  • How habits are formed in the brain
  • Good and bad stress and how to tame them
  •  Lightning-fast, safe and effective weight loss
  • Success secrets of the world's greatest athletes
  • Stunning secrets to cancer survival
  • The world’s most powerful nutrients, supplements and superfoods
  • How to reach your maximum potential
  • A simple but powerful lifelong daily exercise program with free bonus training logs
  • The deadly effects of sitting and the secret to avoiding them
  • How to defeat negativity and anxiety
  • Seven types of personal power
  • Quantum-level personal persuasiveness
  • Power listening
  • The health benefits of volunteering
  • Research reports on the number one secret to happiness
  • Cultivating a spirit of kindness
  • Building your perfect body
  • The road to self-actualization
  • Powerful interpersonal relations
  • Proper breathing techniques for maximum fitness
  • Performance-enhancing secrets of Olympic coaches
  • The latest scientific research on human attractiveness
Excerpts are available for browsing online:

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