Friday, March 15, 2013

More Intense Movie Viewing

I'm a big fan of thrillers, and if you saw my original post, I've compiled links to where you can watch the best of the best for free online here:

Those were all more in the horror genre, but I wanted to add some updates to that list. These are more along the lines of action-thrillers:

North by Northwest
Hitchcock's greatest, starring Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason and Martin Landau.

Eden Lake
This one will stay with you. Terrifying:

In Their Skin
By turns truly creepy and horrific. An all-star cast pulls it off nicely:

A Bittersweet Life - This Korean gangster thriller is the best action flick I've ever seen -
even topping Luc Besson's best:

La Femme Nikita - formerly the best action flick ever made:

The Departed - gut wrenching, and all-to-believable:

Drive - unflinchingly brutal; superbly executed:

Bound - super hot lesbian heist movie and the Wachowski Brothers' first. Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon will make your screen melt:

Mulholland Drive - A slow ride into Hell with  David Lynch at the Wheel :

Blue Velvet - Dennis Hopper as one of the most shockingly frightening psychopaths in cinematic history:

Wild at Heart - Superb cast, and crazy hot dirtiness mixed with heart-pounding action:

Cold Fish - Why you should never accept a helping hand from a sociopath. Japanese craziness at its finest:

Scarface - Brutal and unforgettable:

Sea of Love - Fantastic story, action and chemistry:

Devil's Advocate - Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino. Intense and thought provoking:

LA Confidential - You must've seen this one. If not....

Frailty - What's the truth? Matthew McConaughey is all too convincing in his role:

The Talented Mr. Ripley - When genius chooses the dark side:

Limitless - In the very near future...

Reservoir Dogs - Tarantino at his bloody, brutal best:

Pitch Black - Great action-sci fi. Even with Vin Deisel in it:

Seven - If you haven't seen THIS one....

Training Day - Never trust a cop....

Casino - true to life, speaking as a former casino dealer:

Chained - absolutely heartwrenching:

Constantine - mainly for the superb special effects:

I've left out my personal favorite, the Matrix, because I'm sure you've seen it, as well as the first two terminator movies. If not, then get the Hell off of my blog.

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