Sunday, August 17, 2014

Learn Physics at Yale, Irvine and MIT for Free!

I teach English to a wide range of students here in Tokyo, from age three to 70, and, while most are elementary, high school and college students,   I also have a few businesspersons and scientists, including medical doctors and theoretical physicists. Since we use textbooks from their particular fields of specialization, it affords me the opportunity to learn a lot on my own.

For one of my PhD candidate students, I have compiled a list of free resources on the Internet for studying physics in English - at the best schools on the planet. Please enjoy:

Fundamentals of Physics 1 - Yale videos:

Course notes:

Fundamentals of Physics 2 - Yale videos:

Course notes:

MIT Quantum Physics I:

MIT Quantum Physics II:

The MIT audio courses are a bit more of a challenge, as they are only audio, with no transcripts:

Physics I: Classical Mechanics:

Physics II: Electricity and Megnetism:

From University of California Irvine. The videos are found by clicking "course lectures" on the left:

Physics I:

Physics II:

Physics III:

Math Methods in Physics:

Classical Physics:

Einstein's General Relativity and Gravitation:

TV series Manhattan (a lot of pop-up advertising you must close to watch):

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