Thursday, September 11, 2014

On the Recent Silence....

Apologies, kind readers. I have been rather busy as of late, because I am trying to enter graduate school at Harvard Extension to earn my masters in psychology.

My original degree is in journalism, with several certifications in IT, but I spent a year preparing for the general GRE, and earned the highest possible score for verbal reasoning (169) and was on the median (151) for quantitative reasoning. On the psychology GRE I scored in the 83rd percentile (90th for experimental psychology).

At any rate, if you're interested and/or able, you can get a tax write off by sponsoring me. Or if you like, you can purchase one or both of my books. Right now, I'm trying to raise the funds to attend the obligatory first semester on campus. My target for the semester is $17,000. After getting my foot in the door, I would then be eligible for federal funding and/or Harvard scholarships and grants.

You can also help by steering me toward any useful information on private funding.

Thanks for your time.


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