Monday, January 26, 2015

A Quick Update

Apologies for the lack of recent posts, but I was violently ill with pneumonia. I've also begun graduate school, beginning with Introduction to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences at Harvard. Because of the latter, my postings may be limited to once a week.

However, final revisions of The Path I: Origins are underway, and it should be available by the end of March. If you're enjoying this site, you may well like it.

The Path is the culmination of over five years' of full time study in cosmology, physics, biology, biochemistry, genetics, evolution, psychology, human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, exercise physiology and neuroscience, primarily through both contemporary university textbooks and the Open Courseware lectures available from Yale, Berkeley, MIT and elsewhere.

It covers a wide range of subject matter, explaining how everything works to the best of our current scientific knowledge. Book two then explains how to use that knowledge for optimizing one's potential and living a fulfilling life.

My background is in journalism; I was a science writer in Research Triangle Park for the now-defunct Beacon newspaper, where I interviewed the likes of Sir Roger Penrose, co-discoverer of black holes; later, I went on to teach IT at several colleges in Vancouver Canada, including Dorsett, La Salle and VCC. I currently teach English and mathematics at a private preparatory school (aka a "juku") in Tokyo, Japan.

Recently, I've been using general science, medicine, IT and physics texts to teach doctors, engineers and PhD candidate scientists. This provides the chance to discuss extremely complex matters with specialists.

I was indoctrinated in Christianity at a very young age, but have grown to recognize it as completely fabricated nonsense. Still, it's useful to have some knowledge of the Bible, so one can refute a lot of the ignorance spouted by Creationists. To that end, please see the following - but be prepared for some rather colorful language: Atheists' Bible Study

Be well.

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